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Empowering skilled individuals to explore global opportunities is our mission at NSDC International. Through our Skill India International Network, we're forging partnerships with cutting-edge government and private institutions across India. These partners play a pivotal role in sourcing, training, certifying, and even facilitating immigration for candidates to meet overseas demand. As of today, SIIN proudly boasts 17 trusted partners, making dreams of international careers a reality.

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Why Partner with us

Credibility and

NSDC International stands as a distinguished and acknowledged authority in the realm of skill development. Partnering with NSDC International will help you elevate your standing and recognition within the industry.


The consistent initiatives by NSDC International leads to a wide reach and visibility across the globe. Partnering with NSDC International can help you access a larger audience.


NSDC International closely collaborates with industries to identify and address skill gaps. Being a part of the NSDC International network puts you in direct alignment with industry needs.


Being associated with a government-backed organization like NSDC, it can lead to better interactions with government bodies, potentially opening doors to further support and opportunities.

Access to Network and Partnerships

Becoming a part of the NSDC International Network offers you an exclusive gateway to connect with industry pioneers and key stakeholders. This interconnected web often leads to groundbreaking collaborations and potential business prospects.

Impact and Social Responsibility

Our training partners contribute to the larger goal of skill development and employability enhancement in the country. This aligns with social responsibility objectives and can have a positive impact on society.


NSDC International, operating under NSDC and MSDE, stands as a pivotal player in international workforce collaborations, materializing impactful B2B MoUs. These agreements not only encompass recruitment, migration, and training services for numerous countries including Japan, Australia, UAE, and more, but also exhibit a profound commitment to fostering global workforce mobility.  

Presently, NSDC International has established 18 B2B MoUs, heralding collaborations with prominent industry players such as VETASSESS in Australia and recruitment entities in Japan, all while elevating professionals' opportunities in GCC countries through alliances with esteemed organizations including DP World, EFS Facilities, and Khansaheb Group, among others, thus driving an internationally inclusive approach to career enhancement.

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