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Our Accomplishments

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Embark on a journey where your dreams meet opportunities, with over 10,000 pathways awaiting your next step. Let's help you pave the way to your future success.



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Trust isn't given, it's earned. Over 100+ companies have placed their faith in us, opening doors to a world of career possibilities. Ready to join this network of trust?

From 100+


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The world is your canvas. With opportunities spanning 15+ countries, your aspirations know no borders. Ready to create your global footprint?  

In 18+


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No dream is too niche. From Textile to Renewable Energy, we offer tailored pathways across 10 sectors. Imagine finding your place in an industry that fuels your passion.



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Digitally Verifiable Credentials 

Strengthening Assurance Via Transparency

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NSDC International's mission is to foster trust through Digitally Verifiable Credentials (DVC), which represent candidates' qualifications and achievements in a secure digital format. 

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Credential Empowerment

Stand out with a verified, comprehensive profile.


Trust Building

Impress employers with validated, transparent credentials.

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Credibility Boost

Showcase authentic qualifications for better opportunities.

Data Privacy

Secure, consent-based sharing safeguards personal information.


Future Flexibility

Portability for seamless sharing across platforms.

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Simplified Applications

Easy job applications with verified credentials.

Why Choose NSDC International? 




NSDC International offers candidates legitimate and ethical pathways to overseas careers, eliminating risks associated with fraudulent agents.



Skill Devolopment 

Candidates benefit from comprehensive training and skill development, ensuring they are well-prepared for international opportunities.




Candidates can access high-quality training at subsidized costs, making skill development affordable and accessible to a broader range of individuals.

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NSDC International provides verified and reputable overseas opportunities, safeguarding candidates from potential scams and exploitative practices.


Beyond placements, NSDC International offers post-migration support, ensuring candidates' well-being and smooth transition into their new careers.




Candidates can trust NSDC International's services, knowing that they are backed by the government and NSDC, adding credibility to their overseas career aspirations.



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NSDC International's cost-effective solutions underline our transparent intentions and prioritize candidate welfare.

Opportunities Without Cost


The emphasis on transparent credentials and financial transactions eliminates confusion and biases, providing candidates with authentic opportunities.



Experience Unrivaled Career Support with NSDC International.



B.Sc,B.Voc,Bachelor in Others

21,00,000 Yen \Year - 22,00,000 \ Year Yen

0-5 years

Openings : 500

Job Description

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F&B Staff / Kitchen staff

at  NSDC International Limited

  • Preparation of ingredients

  • Cooking in sections such as appetizers, pasta, main dishes, and desserts

  • Washing the dishes/ kitchen equipment • Cleaning up the Kitchen areas/ toilets as and when needed

  • Develop new menu items (in the future)

  • Must be within the age group of 20 to 27 years.

  • Who are willing to learn Japanese Language full-time for approx. 9 months to pass the SSW related exams successfully to obtain the work visa)

For candidates who are FRESHER with No experience:

  • Passed Hospitality Management diploma or degree and having exposure in internship / OJT.

  • Candidates to have experience in Restaurant (or) in the Hotel Industry.

24th May 2024



24,00,000 Yen \Year - 25,00,000 \ Year Yen

0-4 years

Openings : 25

Job Description

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Care giver

at  NSDC International Limited

  • Understanding residents' basic information and confirming service implementation procedures

  • Assistance with mobility, transfers, and changing positions. 

  • Assistance with bathing 

  • Assistance with meals 

  • Assistance with toileting 

  • Assistance with dressing, grooming, and oral care

  • Providing recreation and activities 

  • Assistance with cleaning, laundry, shopping, and other household tasks

24th May 2024


Qualification in Construction Surveyor

390000 - 520000 Mauritian rupee

0-0 years

Openings : 2

Job Description

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Construction Surveyor

at  Tianli Construction Company Ltd

Prepare tender, claims and contract documents, including bills of quantities with the architect and/or the client;

  • Prepare and analyse costings for tenders;

  • Preparing and action bulk orders, purchase orders;

  • Measurement of Quantities

  • Allocatework to Sub-Contractors

  • Prepareprocurement and quotationanalysis;

  • Cost control and wastage monitoring;

  • Measure, value, submit and negotiate Variations;

  • Cash flow preparation and perpetual update;

  • Applications for payment in regards to conditions of contract;

  • Requesting and checking of advance payment and performance bonds;

  • Cost reporting and forecasting;

  • Final account agreement and sign off

  • Contractual

  • Site Meetings;

  • Understand the implications of health and safety regulations

  • Any other cognate duties as may be directed by management.

24th May 2024


Bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science

30000 - 480000 Mauritian rupee

4-10 years

Openings : 1

Job Description

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Senior Software Engineer

at  CDL Knits Ltd

  • Develop and maintain Oracle-based applications using PL/SQL and other Oracle technologies

  • Participate in code reviews and contribute to the development of coding standards

  •  Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Internal Custom-built ERP Applications

  •  Develop and execute test plans and test cases to ensure the quality of software releases

  •  Collaborate with other developers and Business Owners to ensure the timely delivery of software solutions

  •  Participate in the design and development of new software features and functionality

24th May 2024

International Placement made easier for you!


You register on NSDC International portal and become part of our database.


You discuss your aspirations with the counselor, who explains the current opportunities and your training requirements.

You sit for the English Language Level Determiner Test and Domain Skill test and other foreign languages of your interest.

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Profile creation and Document submission

You complete your profile and get your resume.

You start your Training for overseas placement journey with NSD International.

Witness the Impact:

Real Voices, Real Transformations

"I was working as an AC technician in Varanasi. That’s when I came to know that SIIC is providing training and placement opportunities in the Govt campus of ITI Karaundi, Varanasi. I completed my training in HVAC trade and interviewed for Leminar Air Conditioning Co. based in Dubai. I got accepted and moved to the UAE. I feel really grateful for this experience. "

Jay Prakash Maurya

"Even though I have completed my MBA from Lucknow University, my financial constraints and responsibilities stopped me from leveraging good opportunities. I know that Varanasi is an IIT-IIM centre and it was always a dream of mine to work at a reputable company. With the support and guidance of NSDC International, I could achieve my dream. "

Ghaneshyam Rai

I came across NSDC International when I was job hunting after passing my JFT exam. They provided their support throughout the process, all without any charges. As a Nursing Care Worker in Tokyo, I will be able to earn more than 1.2 Lakhs per month, which will help me support my family in India.

Priya Pal, Nurse (Japan)

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